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Why Visit Lake Tahoe? Top 6 Reasons You Should!

Why visit Lake Tahoe? 6 Reasons why you should!

Whether you’re a Lake Tahoe local or a wandering spirit looking to check out the area, the Lake Tahoe community has probably come across your attention at one point or another. Lake Tahoe is a popular vacation and recreation destination—with approximately 15 million visitors per year. But why should a trip into Lake Tahoe’s grandiose valley intrigue you? Here are 6 great reasons why you should take a trip to Lake Tahoe today.

1. Lake Tahoe is perfect place for adventure and exploration

Calling all thrill-seekers! One of Lake Tahoe’s principal pastimes is adventure! There is no greater physical challenge to the aspiring mountain man or wonder woman than a hardy trek up many of Lake Tahoe’s hiking trails like the Eagle Lake Trail or Granite Lake Trail. If you prefer to take a set of wheels, the Lake Tahoe area also supports some of the best mountain biking trails for the avid biking boss. The fun doesn’t stop at the tracks and trails either. The paramount peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains offer some of the highest rated ski resorts in the nation, such as the Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort or Northstar California Ski Resort. Test your skills on the hills or bunny hop your day away in the pristine snow.

2. Lake Tahoe’s Waters are clean and clear

Unsurprisingly, one of the best things to do around a lake is get a little wet. Because of the conscious efforts of future visitors like you, Lake Tahoe’s waters remain some of the cleanest and clearest in the continental USA. Lake Tahoe opens the waterways to a whole host of exciting activities such as swimming sailing, kayaking, fishing, jet skiing and so much more. The shores of Lake Tahoe have clean and safe beaches for swimming and lounging. Some popular options include the Sand Harbor Beach along the northeastern shore on the Nevada side, Lester Beach to the western shore along Highway 89, or the Kiva Beach along the South Tahoe shore. The region hosts millions of lake lovers a year, and the views out on the lake at sunset are a sight you don’t want to miss out on.

3. Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to vacation

If you’re having a hard time deciding where to have your next vacation at, why not choose one of America’s natural wonders? The decision to vacation in the Lake Tahoe area is made easy with the amassing amount of activities to do, natural sights to see, and venues to patron. Vacationing out in the wilderness is a top choice for visitors of the Lake Tahoe community, and the location is perfect for every kind of outing. Whether you’re coming in as a family outing, planning a camping party with friends, a secluded couple’s getaway, or roughing it out on your own, Lake Tahoe has enough woods and lake shore to accommodate your ideal vacation. So bring your campers, tents, mobile saunas, grills, and kayaks and get your vacation started off the right way.

4. Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty is unmatched

With nearly 15 million visitors a year, Lake Tahoe is one of America’s most popular sight-seeing destinations. Plan a voyage to the breath-taking mountain trails that overlook the sparkling lake. Head high in the sky to the snowy mountain tops and snag the best mountain views around. Wander the woods and witness the rich evergreen forests and foliage. Dive under the crystal clear waters and explore the bottom of Lake Tahoe. Whether you want create the perfect photo album, need natural inspiration, or simply just want to marvel at the amazing views, there is no end to the awe-struck views in the Lake Tahoe region.

5. Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to get some R & R

In a world that never stops running, even the hardest worker deserves to treat themselves with a little rest and relaxation. Fortunately, for the go-getters out there, there is no better place to unload all the stress and strain of the work week than at Lake Tahoe. Whether you’d like to spend your leisure time getting a natural workout along the Rubicon Trail, floating in the crystal clear waters, or taking it easy in the woods and lakes far away from the busy city, Lake Tahoe’s got you covered. Pack your pillow and leave the work shoes at home when you plan your visit to this bastion of natural beauty.

6. Get Healthy at Lake Tahoe

With the clear air of the countryside and the clean waters, rivers, and mountains of the region, Lake Tahoe is the place to be to get out and get healthy. From navigating the mountain trails by foot or by bike, catching a few laps at the beaches, taking in the fresh air of the wilderness, and having healthy campfire-cooked meals, getting active in Lake Tahoe is made easy with the quick access to all of the area’s recreational activities. You can add to your health trip by bringing along a mobile sauna to help open those pores, sweat out all those impurities, and loosen up your muscles at the same time. Exercise is nature’s medicine, and there’s better place to get active than at Lake Tahoe.

So why wait any longer? With so many fantastic reasons to go, plan your next vacation in the Lake Tahoe community. All the fun, relaxation, natural beauty, and health benefits await you here for your next stay away.

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