About Lost Sauna Co

Lost Sauna Co was founded by Tony Marchetti and Trevor Samsa; two life-long friends from Minnesota who wanted to escape the normal grind and live in the mountains. Trevor developed his business sense working in commercial real estate while Tony learned his carpentry and design skills working in various positions in the building trades. 

Our goal was to combine our skillsets to create something unique that promotes health and happiness in a sustainable way. Growing up around the seemingly endless saunas all over Minnesota, we gained a deep understanding of the health benefits and enjoyment of relaxing in a hot sauna. Although we had discussed potentially building custom saunas, we felt there was still something we could add to make it truly unique. 

The breakthrough moment came when Trevor had the idea to make them mobile and rent them out. After some research, Tony and Trevor quickly learned that the mobile sauna market was relatively new, and we would have the opportunity to open the first one in Lake Tahoe. At that point, Lost Sauna Co was born with the goal of not only working for ourselves, but also creating a company that promotes wellness.

Meet The Founders

B and B - Full-12 Trev Headshot

Trevor Samsa

B and B - Full-12 Tony Headshot

Tony Marchetti