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Most Frequent Questions and Answers About our Sauna Experience

If an emergency arises, immediately call 911. For items regarding the sauna, please call Trevor (218-310-4552) or Tony (218-966-1070). Our available rental area is planned in order for us to be within a relatively short drive should any issues arise.

6 – 8 adults seat comfortably in our sauna

The trailer can be parked anywhere you can reasonably park a trailer on level ground.

Sauna is not to be moved by renters under any circumstance. If renters would like to have the sauna moved, please call one of the owners to request it be moved. Moving the trailer will be dependent on the location. If renters move the trailer, they may be held liable for any damages to the sauna trailer, property, and any harm to any individuals.

30-60 minutes depending on outside temperature. Colder temperature will require longer heating time.

The stove is a propane fired Scandia stove that pumps out 40,000 BTUs.

The Scandia propane stove has a one-hour timer that can be continually reset for longer sessions.

We will provide ample fuel for each rental. In the event that the propane does run out, please contact Trevor or Tony and a spare fuel tank will be delivered as soon as possible.

Yes, it has rope lights controlled on the exterior. These are powered by portable USB power banks. These power banks hold a charge for a very long time, but if they do go dead, Trevor or Tony will immediately bring a fully charged battery replacement.

Up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit if the sauna is left to heat up for 2-3 hours.

One five gallon propane tank can run the stove on full blast for up to 10 hours.

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